dropbox; a short install summary

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dropbox; a short install summary

Postby nadir » 2010-01-31 01:46


It is available in squeeze:
http://packages.debian.org/search?suite ... ds=dropbox

this short summary is not for the experienced users. the installation is straight forward. its just a shortcut for the ones who are not so experienced.
if i am correct you need to install the proprietary daemon. if you want or don't want to do that is up to you.
security questions are not getting discussed by me. they are beyond me. again: its up to you.
(either inform yourself properly or do it like me and ignore such problems)

if you are like me and just start doing things (with big complaining about a mean world afterwards), have a look at step 11 first of all. have a look at the next post by hadret too.

1)go to the url above and click on download
2) scroll down the list and download the source-package.
open a terminal-emulator and become root now and for the whole install:
3)i for one save deb's and sources under /root/apps. this (step3) is not really necessary. i just try to keep things in an order. therefor i do:
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mv /home/markus/Download/nautilus-dropbox-0-6.1.tar.bz2 /root/apps

and go there
Code: Select all
cd /root/apps

you may skip this part and do it directly from the download-folder.

4)i unpack the tar.bz2
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tar -xjf nautilus-dropbox-0-6.1.tar.bz2

and change into the build directory:
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cd nautilus-dropbox-0.6.1 

5)if you are a reader read the INSTALL instructions. i am not.
6)The build is getting done in the three steps:
./configure ; make ; make install
during ./configure you are told which packages are missing.
for me it have been the following (this is the reason for this short how-to):
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build-essential #of course

7)after i installed those ./config finished; in case i already have had packages you are still missing: ./config will terminate with an error-message. just install the package it complains about and run ./config again.
i ran make and make install and was done (so far).
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to exit root
8) to install the daemon i ran:
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dropbox start -i

as user. it will be downloaded and installed.
you need to create an account, the daemon will be downloaded and installed and dropbox-daemon will be started.
9)in case you don't run gnome you may create a tiny script to replace nautilus by a file-manager of choice
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mdkir /home/markus/bin
cd /bin

vi nautilus
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pcmanfm $@
exit 0

Code: Select all
cd && source .profile

from now on pcmanfm will be opened instead of nautilus.
thanks goes to acardi, who helped me with this last step (and more than just a bit)

10)thats it. all is quite intuitive, but some people recommend having got a look at documentation and/or manpages now and then.

have a look here:
before you start to do anything.

finally: as said, i can't tell you if it is secure, if you can live with proprietary software and all questions of that kind. i for one am not sure what to think about it.
perhaps some have got better ideas how to store data online or any further info.
i also tried adrive, which is just as easy, but i needed to install java for it.
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Re: dropbox; a short install summary

Postby Hadret » 2010-01-31 10:06

There's Dropbox in Mentors repository, so you can build it differently and create proper package. You just need to add Mentors repository, update the sources and make few steps:

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# echo deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main contrib non-free >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# aptitude update
# aptitude build-deb dropbox
~ apt-get source -b dropbox
# dpkg -i dropbox_0.7.97-1_*.deb

This will install Dropbox version 0.7.97.
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Re: dropbox; a short install summary

Postby sotrud_nik » 2011-02-11 08:44

Thanks, Hadret
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