HOWTO: Use DOSBox - Debian

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HOWTO: Use DOSBox - Debian

Postby lkraemer » 2011-03-21 15:42

HOWTO: Use DOSBox - Debian

This HOWTO: will guide you through the process of getting your old MSDOS programs
running in Debian (6.0) under DOSBox.

1. Install DOSBox from the repo's via Synaptics Package Manager or apt-get.


2. DOSBox - Command Summary
The following commands can be used in DOSBox:
intro mount
intro cdrom
intro special
help /all

3. Testing DOSBox commands and methods.

Let's use the following example as a guide for the commands we will need to
use to mount and unmount a directory.

I had several recipes that were saved in C:\pw\2_LDK\Cookin on an
old Dos machine. I copied the complete C:\pw folder to /home/larry/C:/.
This folder will be mounted as C: Drive in DOSBox so the EXE, COM, or BAT
files can be executed. To mount your C: drive, you will use the mount
command to mount the Linux folder as c and then change to Drive C:\> and
execute your old MSDOS Program.

I executed DOSBox from the Debian menu.

Start DOSBox via:

When the DOSBox window opened I typed the following to mount a SUBDIRECTORY as Drive C.
So, when I change to Drive C, I am really pointing at /home/larry/pw

DOSBox positions you at Drive z:
Code: Select all
mount c ~/C:
cd pw

From within pw I just used a normal program exit.

Before you can unmount the drive you must change back to drive z:
then you can issue the unmount command.
To UNMOUNT C: and exit DOSBOX use the following commands:
Code: Select all
mount -u c

Now, lets get Sourcer from V-Communications running in DOSBox. First we
need to copy the DOS subdirectory Sourcer_305 to the Linux folder C:.
This will copy all the files needed to run Sourcer version 3.05.
When the copy is complete, start DOSBox. Mount the folder as C: with the following commands:
Code: Select all
mount c ~/C:
cd source~1

(NOTE: Once mounted you don't need to repeat that command, just cd to the folder you need to access.)

To UNMOUNT C: use the following command:
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mount -u c

Please submit your suggestions to improve this document.


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Re: HOWTO: Use DOSBox - Debian

Postby Targenor » 2016-03-04 21:37

Is thre anyway to get Dosbox to work during shell access or do you have to use the desktop to get it to work?
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Re: HOWTO: Use DOSBox - Debian

Postby dasein » 2016-03-04 22:22

Targenor wrote:Is thre anyway to get Dosbox to work during shell access or do you have to use the desktop to get it to work?

Yes and no, respectively.
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Re: HOWTO: Use DOSBox - Debian

Postby GarryRicketson » 2016-03-05 05:01

You do not have to use the "deskop", just type:

Code: Select all

at the prompt.
To read the manual:
Code: Select all
man dosbox


dosbox - an x86/DOS emulator with sound/graphics

dosbox [-fullscreen] [-startmapper] [-noautoexec] [-securemode]
[-userconf] [-scaler scaler] [-forcescaler scaler] [-conf configfile]
[-lang langfile] [file] [-c command] [-exit] [-machine machinetype]

Code: Select all
$ dosbox
DOSBox version 0.74
Copyright 2002-2010 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.
CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /home/garry/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf
MIXER:Got different values from SDL: freq 44100, blocksize 512
ALSA:Can't subscribe to MIDI port (65:0) nor (17:0)
MIDI:Opened device:none
One joystick reported, initializing with 4axis
Using joystick ST LIS3LV02DL Accelerometer with 3 axes, 0 buttons and 0 hat(s

On mine , I have it set up so my pacman game starts, automaticly when I start dosbox.
All I do is type "dosbox" at the command prompt.
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