TIP: Transparent Gnome Panels: Change font colors

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TIP: Transparent Gnome Panels: Change font colors

Postby kedaha » 2011-05-09 13:49

If you prefer transparent Gnome Panels, the problem may be that if you have dark wallpaper on your desktop, you won't be able to see Applications, Places & System entries on the left.
Right-click with the mouse in the empty part of the upper Gnome Panel.
Select Properties
Select Solid color
Slide the Style tab to Transparent. To change the appearance of the Gnome Panel Fonts a nifty GTK+/GNOME desktop appearance customization tool:
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aptitude install gnome-color-chooser

It appears in the menu under System > Preferences > GNOME Color Chooser
Open the tool and select the Panel tab.
To change the color of the panel fonts, just tick foreground top color box beside normal , and select whatever color you prefer by clicking in the color band circle (I chose the same color as the Gnome Debian icon), then click the apply tab in the bottom right-hand corner and close.
Then apply the same procedure to the lower panel.
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Re: TIP: Transparent Gnome Panels: Change font colors

Postby geazzy » 2011-07-06 12:05

nice how to kedaha :D
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