GPG Evolution and Seahorse Tip for complete removal...

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GPG Evolution and Seahorse Tip for complete removal...

Postby linuxden » 2006-07-28 12:11

Hi all,

1st this is probably not the most important of Tutorials or how to's or tips...


The problem I am going to give a solution to, bugged me for about 2 days stopped me from sleeping untill I figured it out.. LMAO

The problem:

After about a year of toying with GnuPG, I finaly decided to install a GUI for it... to see what i was missing... I decide to go for Seahorse which for me seemed the best choice (very well integrated with gnome BLA BLA BLA)

How wrong was I?? I decide after about 20 minutes that I wasn't missing much so:
Code: Select all
# apt-get remove seahorse

Then I try as a test to send an email with evolution of course signed with my spanking brand new gpg key...(stupid me forgot to make a revoke key for my previous one and forgot the password...)

Big Problems!!!

Every time I try and send a message in evolution I get and error informing me that evolution cant connect to /gnome2/.seahorsesomethingrather...

I just removed the bloody program why is evoution trying to invoke it??

And then the problem solving skills kick-in... 1 day goes by while i work on other things take care of my son bla bla bla... 1 night goes by and still I cannot figure it out...(The sleepless night was because of Baby not Gnupg...)lol

But then Eureka this morning I go and look in the gpg.conf files and comment out (adding a # ) "use agent" line towards the end of file...

Edit: Oops, I forgot to say that you needed to delete the line saying :
gpg-agent-info /home/your-Username/.gnome2/seahorse-77yFN0/S.gpg-agent:6942:

and voila finished with the horrid error messages...!!

Hope I havent borred you too much !! And also that perhaps you can get some help out of this Tutorial If you encounter this error... ( and want to avoid a slepless night... lol)

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