Debian 10, installation to pre-formatted SSD

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Re: Debian 10, installation to pre-formatted SSD

Postby cuckooflew » 2020-06-29 22:03

by tubus »>But they do not even have such handy tools like gparted or lvm - that is strange.
Someone really has not thought long enough when made those images.
That is question of convenience and respect to users who's chosen Debian.

If you can do better, you would be welcome to pitch in and volunteer to help with making those images, you know, help out a little with the "free meal" so to speak.
Also , did you look at the link provided by H_O_A_S ?
I see where it shows about lvm, and it looks simple.
LVM setup in debian-installer is quite simple and completely supported inside partman. First,you have to mark the partition(s) to be used as physical volumes for LVM. This is done in the Partition settings menu where you should select Use as:! physical volume for LVM.

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:I don't use LVM myself but the installation guide has a bit that may help (section ... all.pdf.en
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Re: Debian 10, installation to pre-formatted SSD

Postby qfu38 » 2020-06-30 07:13

RU55EL wrote:Yes it is! [edit] 'fdisk' is available in a Debian 10 installation. (I am not referring to using the command line during the installation process.) I missed the difference between "available in Debian 10 Installation" and "available in a Debian Installation" My mistake! [/edit]

No it isn't. I can provide you a screenshot but i cannot attach it (forum says `Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.`, despite of i'm not uploaded anything yet).
Steps to reproduce it:
Boot from Debian 10 installation media (no matter it is complete DVD or netinstall/minimal)
Launch console by pressing Alt-F2 or so
Type 'fdisk' (without quotes, of course)
BTW, there is no alternative avalable such as parted, gparted and so.
And there is no any point in documentation/changelog about this.
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Re: Debian 10, installation to pre-formatted SSD

Postby qfu38 » 2020-06-30 07:56

p.H wrote:Please guys, pay attention. This is about the fdisk-udeb installer component in the Debian installer context, not the fdisk command in an installed system context.
- drop to a shell and run
Code: Select all
anna-install fdisk-udeb

Wow, it works. Great, thank you. I have added this to 'd-i preseed/early_command string' in my preseed file.
It works.
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