Installing /boot on USB [SOLVED]

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Installing /boot on USB [SOLVED]

Postby howtopartition » 2016-05-12 14:03


First of all, I wasn't sure whether this should go here or in the newbie forum, so sorry if this is the wrong place. I've spent most of today trying to figure out how to setup "true" full disk encryption; installing /boot to a USB drive and encrypting my entire HDD. My goal is a partition scheme identical to the one produced by guided encrypted LVM setup, but with /boot on a USB. I've tried both manual and guided partitioning:

Guided: When choosing the guided encrypted LVM option it automatically installs /boot on the HDD. I can delete the partition but the ~250mb unencrypted space remains as "free space"; which sort of defeats the point of installing /boot on USB...

Manual: I can't figure out how to create a setup identical to the guided encrypted LVM scheme (with the exception being /boot on usb obviously). I end up having to encrypt swap and root/home/etc separately. I think it's because my understanding of how LVM actually works is fairly poor. I have, as I said, spent quite a few hours reading, but I can't find anything directly relevant to what I'm trying to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I think I'm very close to figuring this out myself! If it works I'll post a guide for anyone else interested.

[This is not to say I wouldn't still appreciate input -- I'm not quite there yet]

2nd EDIT: Nah... I'm closer, but still not there... I setup my HDD as a "volume for encryption" but it's listed as "not active" and when I then use the LVM to create root and swap, the "crypto" tag simply disappears from the HDD. I'm at the point now where I can set it up exactly as I want, with /boot on USB, but I'm now stuck on how to encrypt.

3rd EDIT: I think I cracked it... I setup the automatic LVM encryption scheme, took at picture of what it looked like, formatted the drive, went to manual partitioning, then created a scheme that looked exactly like it but with /boot on USB. The system is currently doing the rest of the install, so I don't really know if it worked yet... Fingers crossed... What I did to solve the problem with the crypto tag disappearing after adding LVMs was to pick "configure encrypted LVM" before adding any LVMs, then picking the drive with the crypto tag. That gave me the prompt for a passphrase, and the crypto tag persisted after adding LVMs.

4th and final EDIT: It's alive! I'm posting this from my newly installed Debian system. Hopefully this thread will be of use for some future newbie debian user.
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