How to install Debian on USB drive

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How to install Debian on USB drive

Postby asifnaz » 2017-02-21 16:03

My employer has provided me a Laptop which has windows 10 on it . Sometimes I feel like using Debian so I want a USB that has Debian installed on it so that I can boo into it without making any changes to Laptop HD . Minimum what USB I need and how to do it
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Re: How to install Debian on USB drive

Postby dasein » 2017-02-21 17:58

Asked and answered MANY times.

Search first, THEN post.
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Re: How to install Debian on USB drive

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-02-21 18:03

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Re: How to install Debian on USB drive

Postby stevepusser » 2017-02-21 19:03

Debian may not run very fast if you have an actual install on a slower USB driver, though this is improving with faster USB 3.0 dongles. The fastest solution would be a Live session on the drive with persistence, so your changes can be saved from session to session.

A USB 3.0 external SSD or rotating hard drive should also be pretty fast and support an actual install.
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