Installing The DroidSansMono Font

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Installing The DroidSansMono Font

Postby Caitlin » 2017-07-18 16:28

This is not a request for help; just a report of my experience installing a font. Call it an answer, not a question.

I was dismayed to see Stretch removed the DroidSansMono font from the available built-in choices; it's clear and easy to read without having to go to a large point size, and narrow enough to fit a lot on a single line of paper. But I was able to get it back without too much trouble.

I went to and clicked Download TTF. I unzipped the .zip, and moved DroidSansMono.ttf to /usr/local/share/fonts. Then it was just a matter of selecting that font in my text editor of choice (KWrite).

As an unexpected bonus, it gave me the choice of the original DroidSansMono or the "improved" versions. The difference is the zero in the "improved" versions has an ugly dot or slash in the middle of it. I chose the original, of course, and it looks beautiful.

With DroidSansMono in Jessie, I didn't even know there was an original version. Now I'll use nothing else, and I no longer have to look at that ugly dot.

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Re: Installing The DroidSansMono Font

Postby sunrat » 2017-07-19 01:10

I used to use DroidSans when it was included. It may be included in the package fonts-droid-fallback but I haven't tried it as I just use NotoSans now.
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