Dual Boot in UEFI mode not working properly

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Dual Boot in UEFI mode not working properly

Postby naziblee » 2017-08-05 03:53

Recently, after installing Debian Strectch and windows 10 on hp pavilion G4, and doing a little hack following below guideline:

The windows boot loader appear on the GRUB menu, but it can't be use to enter Windows 10, so I only able to boot debian 9. When I tried to re-modify using above guideline from debian terminal as root, I can enter Windows 10 and cannot enter debian. So currenty, I am on windows 10

I have read below thread:

But I doubt to follow those thread since I don't exactly knows what the problems.
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Re: Dual Boot in UEFI mode not working properly

Postby milomak » 2017-08-05 16:13

have you tried using refind?
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