Debian 9.1 Installation Fails

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Debian 9.1 Installation Fails

Postby jonesypeter » 2017-08-08 10:27


I'm installing Debian 9.1 in MWare Workstation 12.5 on my Windows 10 64Bit Machine host.

I can boot from the 64Bit DVD image to the live desktop fine. However if I boot and follow the graphical installer, I get as far as answering all the installation questions, then after a while installer brings up a message to say it is unable to continue. I have tried downloading the ISO a couple of times.

My initial question is 'can I access any sort of installation log' which I could post here to provide as much detail as possible for you to help diagnose it? I will provide the full specification of the virtual machine later today.

I have been able to install other distributions without an issue.

Thank you in advance.
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