Debian 8 Boot Failure -- help deciphering boot-repair output

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Debian 8 Boot Failure -- help deciphering boot-repair output

Postby wassup_doc » 2017-08-13 17:34

Hello all -- Not sure if this question belongs in "installation" but essentially I am trying to figure out if I need to re-install Debian 8... Can anyone help me decipher the boot-repair-tool output? I understand parts of it, but I don't have the expertise yet to decipher what happened or what I need to do to get my install working again. Thanks in Advance!!!

Here is the output of the boot repair tool:

For context:

Yesterday I was attempting to setup owncloud on my local network using my Debian 8 Desktop as a host. I was resetting permissions for various files in /etc using the stock script from owncloud manual when suddenly after running the script, I was completely blocked from doing anything on my machine... (mouse wouldnt work, could not access any files, internet seemed to be inaccessible, etc....) so i force shutdown the machine :( -- upon booting up again I get tons of failures in the boot steps and finally it reads "reached shutdown point" or something like that... I am not even sure if this owncloud setup caused the problem (I have had embedded intel graphics issues in the past, and I have a RAID1 setup (perhaps a disk has failed?)) Honestly I am lost...

Here is the script I ran immediately before the off-nominal behavior:

Code: Select all

printf "Creating possible missing Directories\n"
mkdir -p $ocpath/data
mkdir -p $ocpath/assets
mkdir -p $ocpath/updater

printf "chmod Files and Directories\n"
find ${ocpath}/ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 0640
find ${ocpath}/ -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 0750

printf "chown Directories\n"
chown -R ${rootuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/
chown -R ${htuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/apps/
chown -R ${htuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/assets/
chown -R ${htuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/config/
chown -R ${htuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/data/
chown -R ${htuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/themes/
chown -R ${htuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/updater/

chmod +x ${ocpath}/occ

printf "chmod/chown .htaccess\n"
if [ -f ${ocpath}/.htaccess ]
  chmod 0644 ${ocpath}/.htaccess
  chown ${rootuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/.htaccess
if [ -f ${ocpath}/data/.htaccess ]
  chmod 0644 ${ocpath}/data/.htaccess
  chown ${rootuser}:${htgroup} ${ocpath}/data/.htaccess
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