Error during installation "Downloading a file failed" during

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Re: Error during installation "Downloading a file failed" du

Postby THX1138b » 2017-09-16 20:43

I've put my 32 GB flash drive inside the thin client (after soldering myself an adapter to connect it to one of the internal headers). I've installed antiX onto this flash drive and it uses less than 100 MB RAM after booting (but more when I start doing anything). Maybe I can use the 512 MB DOM as the /swap space. My problem now, as I figured it might be, is getting Bluetooth to work. I guess I'll make a new thread since it doesn't fit this one. Thanks again for everyone's help and advice.
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Re: Error during installation "Downloading a file failed" du

Postby stevepusser » 2017-09-16 21:14

I have heard that using flash media for swap space has a disturbing tendency to wear it out extremely quickly, especially older media. Modern SSD drives have a much extended wear lifetime, but it is still finite..
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Re: Error during installation "Downloading a file failed" du

Postby Segfault » 2017-09-16 21:44

This computer probably does not need any swap. Running one task only.
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