Corrupted accented characters in gnome apps - SOLVED: uim

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Corrupted accented characters in gnome apps - SOLVED: uim

Postby zvolsky » 2017-10-11 16:36

Deb9+KDE, both:
- testing, installed (new) from netinst (HP 250 G3 notebook),
- live KDE (HP 250 G3, HP ProBook 470 G4 notebooks)

Unicode characters from czech language (ie. basic letter + diacritical sign) are ok in kde/qt apps and in kde terminal: Ň Ť Á
In gnome apps (leafpad, chrome, firefox) and in gnome-terminal they are corrupted, splitted into 2 separate characters: ˇN ˇT ´A
In java apps (PyCharm) only the base letter will appear: N T A

Note that this doesn't apply to often characters which have their own key on the keyboard.
It applies for characters entered with the sign keys (ˇ´°) and base letter keys (N T A ...) later.

Czech qwerty keyboard and probably other czech keyboards too. Same with slovak keyboard and probably other languages/keyboards which use this method.
dpkg-reconfigure for locales and keyboard-configuration doesn't help.
The error is almost fatal: some characters cannot be entered when writing texts, programming,.. (except of copying the characters from qt/kde apps :-) )

Have I some package missing? Some other idea..? Thank you....
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Re: Corrupted accented characters in gnome apps - SOLVED

Postby zvolsky » 2017-10-12 07:43

I know the reason now.
I have installed from unofficial repository with firmware. (With regard to following this cannot be recommended and we should use netinst always.)

Unofficial repositories with firmware install unnecessary language supports for many languages, include package uim (keyboard / input methods for japanese,..).

And uim has a bug and breaks czech/slovak/+? keyboard in gnome apps and java apps.
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