/dev/sda clean after install

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/dev/sda clean after install

Postby Norbii » 2017-10-13 11:57


I installed debian on my computer and after installation of course i got this message : https://kephost.com/image/BLjQ

I tried to read how can i fix it but i didnt find useful things.
Someone said its about gpu so i need to install nonfree firmware, another said i should edit something in fstab or something like this.. But how when i cant even use the terminal.
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Re: /dev/sda clean after install

Postby p.H » 2017-10-13 18:02

"/dev/sda1: recovering journal" means that the filesystem in /dev/sda1 was not cleanly unmounted after last time it was mounted.
However "/dev/sda1: clean" is a perfectly normal and expected message, so the journal recovery seems to have been successful.

What is the real problem ? Nothing happens after these messages ? Can you use the magic SyRq keys to reboot ?
Did you try to boot in rescue mode to display more messages ?

Norbii wrote:But how when i cant even use the terminal.

You can restart the Debian installer in rescue mode and run a shell in the installed system root (chroot).
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