Debian 9.3.0 stretch preseed cobbler

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Debian 9.3.0 stretch preseed cobbler

Postby perieanuo » 2018-01-26 06:40

Hi everybody,
I'm struggling with Cobbler provisioning for Debian stretch 9.3.0 all running in docker container, no go.
Cobbler runs fine because automatic installs for ubuntu server 16.04.3 tls and CentOS 7 works great with preseed, servers with choosed Mac installs on their own with user creation, custom partitioning and configuration for nics and ssh server for example.
With Debian, I imported last Dvd-1 Iso, replaced vmlinuz and init.rd with those from stretch netboot iso for get away the 'no cd-rom found', I used a preseed file just a little modified from original Debian stretch preseed example file, result =I can't get away from errors concerning the disk partitioning.
Someone has succeeded to deploy stretch installs with preseed (even no docker based, maybe docker is doing something, I tried in host and bridged network types).
I repeat, same docker container pulls fine ubuntu, CentOS and even Win 10 with with samba support afterwards...
Thanks in advance, Pierre

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