Installing Debian 2.2r7 with desktop environment

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Re: Installing Debian 2.2r7 with desktop environment

Postby ght4361 » 2018-02-02 21:48

Thanks for the information. I will probably keep this as a side project and instead focus on learning more about Debian.
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Re: Installing Debian 2.2r7 with desktop environment

Postby dawg161 » 2019-01-27 13:19

If anyone still cares about this, I managed to get a working copy of Debian 2.2 (Potato) running in a Virtualbox (v. 5.2.18) in 2019.

The problems seen here seem to be a problem with Potato's installer rather than anything about Virtualbox.

I let the graphical program in the installer attempt to configure
Xfree86 a couple of times and then when was returned to the terminal for another attempt I hit control c

The installer then tried to fix the rest of the system that didn't involve x.

I then logged in, did su - and ran xf86config

Most of the default options worked. The mouse needs to be PS/2 at

I picked the simplest graphics that was good enough for me (color, but just VGA) because I just wanted to play around with the early versions of the software. I also chose a clockchip of IBM RGB 51x/52x(autodected) based on this website: ... virtualbox

let it save the file, logout of root, and then type startx and you're good to go.

Honestly, it's remarkable how usable a system you get from June, 2000. But it's also true that my next oldest VM, from October, 2005, is far closer to present day than what you get from this.
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