9.3.0 Disk 1 not recognized after disk 2

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9.3.0 Disk 1 not recognized after disk 2

Postby datcam » 2018-02-27 17:37

I am installing a 3-DVD set (I haven't downloaded them all yet) of Debian 9.3.0 on an HP mini110. After disk 1, it asks me if I have other DVDs, and it reads disk 2 for a while. Then it asks for disk 1 again, but doesn't recognize it. It keeps asking it and asking it, and I can't even "go back" to try something else. My only way out is to shut down the machine. My DVDs have the right MD5 and SHA1 signature, and appear fine otherwise. I must say I have no clue whatsoever.
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Re: 9.3.0 Disk 1 not recognized after disk 2

Postby arochester » 2018-02-27 17:43

Most people do not install everything from a 3 DVD set because that will install many things they just don't need.

Only DVD 1 will boot. The other two DVDs are used as a Repository to contain other things that people might need.

If you have an adequate Internet connection you only needed DVD 1, although you could have used much less by doing a Netinstall.
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