Can't install debian from iso on hard drive

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Re: Can't install debian from iso on hard drive

Postby andre@home » 2018-03-04 15:02

Never have problems when the iso's are put on an usb stick in the correct way...
Did not even consider another option after the change coming from a CD/DVD as installation source.
O yeh... I could have done it through my home network, present here since 1999.. (and still working ok..), but using a usb stick is so easy....
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Re: Can't install debian from iso on hard drive

Postby lostfarmer » 2018-03-05 01:39

p.H wrote:You must use the initrd.gz from hd-media. Also, it may have limited support for filesystems, but I am not sure about ext4.

I must correct my prior post --I have 20 partitions and forgot how the partitions were formatted. The initrd.gz from my prior post link will mount to search for **iso files on fat32, ext2, ext4 , will not mount NTFS. Should mount ext3 but I do not have one to test.

When the iso file is found ,it will mount the partition and should continue with the normal install process.

If one has other linux.iso files it may try to mount/load them and fail, before finding the debian.iso file.
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