preseeding pkgsel/tasksel not working on stretch

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preseeding pkgsel/tasksel not working on stretch

Postby Sleaker » 2018-07-13 16:22

I'm trying to get d-i pkgsel/include or tasksel/tasks to work during preseed of an automated installation. Right now I can't get either of the options to work in stretch. I've done this before on multiple ubuntu distributions and I can't really see why it's not working here.

I've tried passing in the tasks line as a boot parameter which also didn't do anything. The oddity is all of the other data that is preseeded appears to be working (partman, user setup, etc) just not any kind of additional package selection.

Here's the current preseed file I'm attempting to test with: ... 1fabc72445

And the boot line I'm using currently:

kernel /install.amd/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/preseed/isifull.seed vga=788 DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 auto=true tasks=lxde-desktop priority=critical initrd=/install.amd/initrd.gz net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 --- quiet

any help on why it's skipping reading in the task selection would be appreciated as these boot lines haven't changed between older versions of d-i on ubuntu and what I'm using in stretch.

debconf-set-selections -c on the preseed file shows that all values get set into debconf properly. debconf-get-selections --installer after the installation has finished doesn't show any pkgsel/include and the only task selected as standard.

note: I'm also in the #debian-boot if anyone is available on there to help with this.

EDIT: was playing around with this some more and it appears that priority=critical is different in function between the ubuntu d-i version (trusty) and the stretch. disabling priority=critical gives me 2 pop-ups but tasksel now works as expected... this appears to be behaviour different from what is recommended on the wiki: ... 02.html.en
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