Install debian amd64 on a Mediacom W700 (windows tablet)

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Install debian amd64 on a Mediacom W700 (windows tablet)

Postby Scorpion » 2018-12-16 19:48

My device is equivalent at the SurfTab wintron 7.0 ST70416-6 (same drivers).
It requires a special boot-loader, a 32 bit uefi.
There is this project: ... ation.html which add wi-fi, bluetooth and audio drivers for intel atom (my processor) and the special boot-loader.
But it works only for ubuntu and flavours.
I successfully installed lubuntu (i must use ldxe) and adding some values to the silead driver i can use the touch, with a custom kernel.
I tried to install debian but it failed a part.
It cannot install the boot-loader since that my system isn't supported and it stated that i have to manually boot into /vmlinuz using root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 as a kernel argument.
To install it i must use a usb key and add a file ( to make it bootable and boot into that file.
Debian is not able to see the wi-fi so i can' t use the net-installer and dvd1 doesn' t work.
So i used the live with ldxe, using the live i tried to chroot (after i mounted the partitions) and install a custom kernel (with that argument) but nothing.
Also i can' t boot manually into the /vmlinuz if that is required. Using this guide ... bootloader i create a not working entry in the boot menu, but i wasn' t able to install the custom kernel that is required as i said before.
There is some way to adapt that project to debian? Or add the boot-loader and drivers to the iso?
If not how i can add a custom kernel to the iso? I found a guide ... stomKernel but is outdated right?
And i need at very least the wi-fi driver, my device has also a camera and the audio with that driver was working very bad. The connection is required in that project for the boot-loader for some distros I can use only the wi-fi i can' t use a cable.
I would like to install debian and have full support for all the hardware.
The touch with silead wasn 't perfect the hold function (right click) is really bad, but the rest is fine.
I was able to enable the touch thanks to this repo
I could be of help i have the windows drivers.
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