x.org/KDE do not start automatically any longer in SID

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x.org/KDE do not start automatically any longer in SID

Postby Jasonpaul » 2019-01-02 11:18


I have a VirtualBox with Debian Sid in for testing purpose. A few weeks ago then everything worked as intended but I pulled a few updates that made X.org unstartable (eg could not start). I thought it was because of on some ongoing transition so I just waited.
After the holiday I pull some new updated and I can now start x/KDE, but I have to do it manual via startx command. As far as I know then I have removed anything that should not have been removed doing the upgrade (I could be wrong).
Have any of you seen anything like it?

PS This instance of Debian is for testing so if it is a error 40 then it is not a problem worth looking to deeply into. But if it is not then I should fill some kind of bug report?
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Re: x.org/KDE do not start automatically any longer in SID

Postby sunrat » 2019-01-02 22:06

Sid has major transitions frequently so upgrades will frequently break it when you do them at the wrong time. You need to check what apt is proposing to remove and abort the upgrade if it shows a large number of packages to remove.
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