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Re: no GUI after upgrade to buster

Postby serandrzej » 2020-06-21 20:35

in fact this thread could be closed (I don't seem to have enough powers, so dear admins please do so in my name). Anyway, the issue is far from solved, and possibly even more complex. In the end I formatted debian partitions and made a clean install, without separated home, root partitions. This did not help whatsoever. Again - no gui. Which brought me to the conclusion that Buster is not able to run on asustek x102b, a not very sophisticated netbook which has:
processor - AMD® Temash Dual core A4-1200 1.0 GHz Processor
graphics - AMD Radeon® HD 8180G.
Note that I've run debian on this netbook at least 8 version.
So please close this thread, I'm going to open a new one on buster's compatibility with asus (amd, radeon) machines.
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