Corrupt package during installation. Suggested improvements

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Corrupt package during installation. Suggested improvements

Postby 49studebaker » 2019-09-28 03:34

During the "base install" of Debian from a CD ISO I got an error that the vim package was corrupt. Could you do the following:

1) Add a "skip" package button. The installer could skip installation of the package and then download and install the package after installation of the OS. Display a warning message that the OS may be unstable.
2) Add a "retry" button. A user could download and save the package and the correct folder structure to a separate cd or usb drive. The installer would then install the non-corrupt package.
3) If the user selected a network connection that has internet access, the installer could download and then install a replacement package.

If one package is corrupt, the user can not continue installation. Downloading an entire new ISO is a waste of bandwidth, if one package is corrupt.
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Re: Corrupt package during installation. Suggested improveme

Postby arochester » 2019-09-28 05:47

You can certainly suggest an improvement, but as the name of this forum indicates we are Debian USERS and not Developers.

Not many Developers come here.

It is perhaps not the best place for your suggestion.
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