stretch-to-buster upgrade problem.

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stretch-to-buster upgrade problem.

Postby technosinga » 2019-10-25 00:44

Cannot boot-up after upgrade from stretch to buster.
Used 'apt-get' commands to upgrade.
During boot-up, screen errors report:

systemd-udevd.service : Main process exited, code=killed, status=31/SYS
systemd-udevd.service failed with result 'signal'.
Failed to start udev Kernel Device Manager.
systemd-udevd.service has no hold-off time.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
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Re: stretch-to-buster upgrade problem.

Postby L_V » 2019-10-25 08:18

What says this ?
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uname -r
systemctl status systemd-udevd
systemctl restart systemd-udevd
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