I keep encountering this problem when I installing Debian.

Help with issues regarding installation of Debian

I keep encountering this problem when I installing Debian.

Postby noviceDebian » 2019-11-30 20:19

Every time I try to install, I get this problem, I use GUI installer, in one of the steps it requires me to configure the network, which I'm unable to do, because of lack of Ethernet connection, so when I press Next, it takes me to the main installation menu, when I try to resume, it again asks me to configure the network, which fails because it cannot connect over WiFi and wants an Ethernet connection.

I'm unable to get past this stage.
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Re: I keep encountering this problem when I installing Debia

Postby cuckooflew » 2019-11-30 20:38

We need to know better details on exactly which install image you are useing, for example here:
You will see there are various, including the netinstall images, which require a internet connection.
It would be to your advantage to read some of the documentation on installing Debian, before deciding what image you will use, etc. https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstall

Also this might be of help:https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/debian-install-images-that-work-without-internet-4175617242/
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Re: I keep encountering this problem when I installing Debia

Postby eor2004 » 2019-11-30 20:41

Hi, the way I see it, you have these options:
1) Try installing the wifi drivers for your card on a Flash Drive, the system should detect that the wifi card doesn't work because the drivers aren't available with default repositories and ask you if you want to insert a media containing the drivers to install to your wifi card during the installation.
2) Download the Non-Free Installation CD Image from here: https://wiki.debian.org/Firmware
3) Buy a USB Ethernet Network Adapter like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-3-0-to-10- ... SwGBpdyOu3

Hope this helps, good luck!
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Re: I keep encountering this problem when I installing Debia

Postby sunrat » 2019-11-30 20:42

Search the forum to find the many posts already about how to get your wifi working during installation. It's probably because you need to add firmware for your wifi card.
There is an "unofficial" Debian installer available which has firmware for many wifi cards cards included.
I usually just install using an ethernet connection and configure wifi later.

@eor2004 - when you wrote "drivers" it should be "firmware". They are different things.
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Re: I keep encountering this problem when I installing Debia

Postby Dai_trying » 2019-11-30 22:04

Another option would be to use the LiveCd version and install from that, I have found this to be better for installing to offline machines, obviously this will not solve your missing firmware problem but I think it would be easier to download the deb file using another machine and then transfer it to your offline machine (via usb stick) for installation.
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