DE Jumk Debian please

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DE Jumk Debian please

Postby delina » 2019-12-02 02:04

When i install an os I really dont want so much extra crap also installed like word processers games audio and music apps. And i really would like easy to find terminal file explores system utilities. network utilities and software management.

There was a time linux would ask if you wanted to insatll games but now they seem to polute the os with them in mass. I really wish the basic install was a useable install for those trying to do stuff and not some candyland feast for new users.

I think i have tried every desktop version and most linus distros and the common theme is not tech friendly. everyone is making the os to keep people from computing and only browsing or playing games.
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Re: DE Jumk Debian please

Postby sunrat » 2019-12-02 05:32

You haven't done any reading about Debian? It can be whatever you want it to be. Try a netinstall, it doesn't even have a desktop environment so you can just install whatever you wish.
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