Debian ( gnome ) on Zbook Studio G3

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Debian ( gnome ) on Zbook Studio G3

Postby N1846 » 2019-12-25 15:00

EDIT 2: somehow the setting "discrete graphics" in the BIOS worked. i was able to get to the desktop :) NICE :) it lags a bit though..... does anyone know if that can be improved? ( i have a 4K screen )
EDIT 3: the "lag" was an illusion. it was my laser mouse not being used on a smooth surface that made mouse movement lag. especially noticeable whilst dragging windows


i will attempt to keep this as simple and straight forward as possible:

i have an HP Zbook G3. i have two SSD's in it. one for windows and one for linux. i installed Debian ( latest version as of right now ) on one of the SSD's. that worked.
so i booted into it and i got to the gnome login screen. i entered my password. the login screen dissapeared. the wallpaper stayed. mouse stayed. but then nothing happened. mouse is frozen.

i have tried nomodeset via the grub bootloader but that did not work either. i did not even get to the login screen that way.
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EDIT: i got this error that way: "could not reg notif event ret=-22"

can somebody tell me what to try? i really want to make debian work on this laptop because i hate using windows as my daily operating system.

best regards
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