How to skip sercuity update step

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How to skip sercuity update step

Postby Zwischenspiell » 2020-03-04 12:06


First about the topic title, There is XY problem, And I NOT mean disable security update forever but disable it while install process, or:

Here is the issus:

I try both netinstall and offline install, After select mirror site and install basic system ( I not pretty sure witch step order ), There will be super slow more then one hour to download something from origin site for Debian Security , It will total ignore the mirror select setting, And I check the mirror I using it dose have the mirror of Security repo.

So, Without using http proxy ( That will affect basic system install and should VPN server local mirror, That solve the problem but that soultion not suitable for production use), How to skip that step or make the step using mirror site ?

While use offline isntall and pull off the network cable, Still have this step but timeout and just need some clike Retry and Give up update so install will finish in 20min.
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