debian 9.12 lxde network-manager

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debian 9.12 lxde network-manager

Postby bong.mau » 2020-04-14 09:26

Hi ..i just installed debian 9.12 lxde to a compaq presario CQ60
installation was succesfully...all device recognized ....
i connect pc to internet succesfully using smartphone tethering
during installation process i configure only this network ...
Now i have to give back the compuer to my friend...he was using a tremendous windows vista....
He connects from home using adsl router ...but he knows nothing about computer ...
so he does not remember the ssid name ...
so i cannot configure it using lxde network connections
...clicking the connection icon at the bottom right it shows wi-fi entry but clicking over nothing happens ,it does not show the list of avaiable SSID...
Further testing ...i issue command iwlist scan ...and it shows interface wls1 down ...(i immagine wls1 means wireless one)
i bring it up using ip link set wls1 up ...i issue again iwlist scan but output is "no scan result"
i immagine the problem is due to the fact i do not configure this interface during installation
Sumarizing make network-manager client icon at the right bottom able to scan wireless network ?
Thanks in advance for the help
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network card

Postby bong.mau » 2020-04-14 10:30

i was installing also windows 7 in place of windows vista the pc is dual boot ...
With my pc at home i can see some ssid of the neighbours....
the pc of my friend does not recognize any ssid also with windows 7
the wify card is atheros AR5007 ...i immagine it has a low power
returning to linux after the boot iwlist scan shows wls1 down ...
i bring it up with ip link set wls1 up ...
looking at dmesg i see
IPv6 ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP) : wls1 link is not ready
any help will be appreciate
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Postby bong.mau » 2020-04-14 11:14

To further diagnose i disabled ipv6 on windows 7 ..i reboot and windows 7 still does not show availables SSID
so the problem is in the card .....this thread can be closed
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