Create LiveUSB with xxx_cinnamon.iso

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Create LiveUSB with xxx_cinnamon.iso

Postby JeSuisFlaneur » 2020-06-20 20:50

Using dd, the USB drive has the correct .iso for live/CD/DVD/USB. Checksums good for .iso.

Using dd, the 2.5gig is on the 16gig usb thumb drive.

I tried to boot from it, on my Debian 10 desktop 'puter, but, even though the BIOS sees the thumb device, nothing happens. Boot stalls and a flashing hyphen stays, top left of monitor.

I've read the following: but as it's from 2011, maybe out-of-date.

Then I tried: ... -with.html, but there is no :ppa for mkusb in Debian (that's a pity), good writeup and recent.

Next, I read: ... ersistence

but I'm not so skilled as to distinguish it well, and would like to get on with this, rather then become the "go to" for live-usb.

Someone, Anyone, point me to a recent how-to or tutorial that used Debian Buster for live booting.

My goal is to live boot a windows 10 computer, dd the c: to an ssd, swap the hdd with the ssd and pretend it's as good as Linux (tee hee!)
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Re: Create LiveUSB with xxx_cinnamon.iso

Postby JeSuisFlaneur » 2020-06-20 21:29

Dear Sir:

If You install Debian using the option to include 'all the available kernel drivers', then it becomes a "live" system, provided that You will also install non-free firmware -> then the system becomes fully portable.

Is this correct?

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Then, You can just rsync/cp/dd the system to a pendrive, and that's all

??? I need to rsync, then cp, then dd? or are you saying: use either rsync or cp or dd ???
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Re: Create LiveUSB with xxx_cinnamon.iso

Postby LE_746F6D617A7A69 » 2020-06-20 21:49

Yeah I've posted this, but after a while I've removed the post -> I have no time to support this topic.
But, sometimes shit happens - it happened that the original OP was Online while I've removed my post ...

So, this is the howto:
Basically, if Debian is installed with "all the available kernel drivers" it can work on any platform, but there's a limitation: Debian installed for EFI will only work as an EFI-bootable system, but it will fail on a classic BIOS (but since EFI BIOS-es are the most common today, this should be not a problem)

Anyway, if You have a working Debian system, You can just make a copy of the system, which should work out-of-the-box when booted from a pendrive under EFI BIOS.
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