installing from debian-live-testing-amd64-cinnamon+nonfree

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installing from debian-live-testing-amd64-cinnamon+nonfree

Postby olieksie » 2020-07-25 13:57

I have downloaded debian-live-testing-amd64-cinnamon+nonfree.2019-09-30 08:37 and copied to a memory stick. The system boots from the memory stick with 3 options that include running from Linux Live, Graphical Debian Installer and Debian Installer. Either of the last two options lead to the error message "no kernel modules were found"

Starting from the Linux Live option brings up a desktop with an icon labelled install Debian. That installation evolves properly, but never requests a root password. Is there a way of setting a root password after the fact?

Any hints would be appreciated
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Re: installing from debian-live-testing-amd64-cinnamon+nonfr

Postby sunrat » 2020-07-25 15:20

Sounds like you set it up with sudo. Try
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sudo passwd root
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