netinstall and no-ethernet laptop [Solved]

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Re: netinstall and no-ethernet laptop

Postby tpprynn » 2020-10-07 15:55

I have LXDE, yes. For the moment - I put 10.6 on with LXDE so I could use the laptop while waiting for the adapter. When I know everything is feasible I'll wipe this.

It has arrived today and I'm sitting here in front of three computers, all with Debian. Somebody else's Cinnamon-equipped laptop, laptop number 3, works with this adapter, a dm9601 clone. So I just need to work out what's missing, or maybe find the name of the interface that comes about as a result of this adapter? I've forgotten what I knew three or four days ago... I will make a start on the googling oddyssey regarding this, but hopefully if I am bald in a few hours one of you will swing in, in loin cloth, and dangle some clues - I'm getting Tarzan and Poirot mixed up now but anyway - or simply slap me out of what will be my misery by then and provide a/ the solution. But I am happy to struggle for ninety minutes or so.

Ooh. I think I have a usb drive with Deb/Cinn on, that might be a good start, might discover at least the interface name, he said doubtfully. The dm9601 module is present though in what I have on the ethernet-free laptop.

Still, at least the adapter works, that's got to be about 1/20th of the battle.
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Re: netinstall and no-ethernet laptop

Postby tpprynn » 2020-10-07 16:32

I should have guessed - it's the classic 'enx00e04c534458' interface.
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Re: netinstall and no-ethernet laptop

Postby brian_p » 2020-10-07 18:03

> ...I put 10.6 on with LXDE...

task-lxde-desktop does not install network manager. You have encountered
Bug #694068:

If anyone wants to avoid it, then start the installer with

Code: Select all

on the command line; (press TAB before booting).

Completely obvious of course :) .
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Re: netinstall and no-ethernet laptop [Solved]

Postby tpprynn » 2020-10-08 08:09

The adaptor route worked out well - after installing and rebooting it was recognised enabling me to install Fluxbox and get my bearings from there. I probably wouldn't have felt like proceeding if I hadn't already identified the interface name from the live Cinnamon/Debian usb drive, bunt unlike with the LXDE install the ethernet interface wasn't forgotten after install.

I imagine there would have been more satisfaction from doing this a harder way, with more learning, but learning that there is such a thing as an ethernet to usb adaptor that works is still learning...

As is witnessing the improved performance of this emmc-type machine after foregoing Cinnamon. Seem to have added a potential couple of hours or more to battery life and my aesthetic bugbear, gtk3, is nowhere in sight on this install. For quite a few years of going back and forth between Windows and Linux the presentation of most distros had been offputting for me, and now I find this basic look and behaviour ideal.

Thanks for all help and prodding vis a vis independent efforts. I hope this thread proves of use to somebody even if my efforts have been a bit chaotic, hence this step up to the camera in Jerry Springer summation style.
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