after installation:"fsckd-cancel-msg" and no further

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after installation:"fsckd-cancel-msg" and no further

Postby utonsal » 2020-10-09 16:26


This is about a problem of mine turning up just after having "installed" a system and then booting.

I twice installed Debian 10.6 from USB-flash with the DVD-image. For this I partitioned the harddrive with partman during the installation process of the installer. The first time manually (individually), the second time the guided way.
Both times the boot process stopped just before the graphics appears.

What I see, after starting the PC is:
1. error outputs due to hardware devices not recognized etc.
2. /dev/sda1 is told to be "clean". (there are several partitions and the system is on /dev/sda2).
3.Then it says "kvm disabled by bios", later "uvcvideo: Failed to query(129) UVC probe control: -32 (exp.26)"
4. "fsckd-cancel-msg:Press Ctrl+C to cancel all filesystem checks in progress"
5.Then something about a Journal and the usual system programs started, the last being "starting Gnome Display Manager" or so.
6.Now the screen changes, a black screen with a pointer is seen. Then it aborts, comes back and the message from 4. is seen. Pressing the combination doesn't help.

Well, I searched a bit through the web, and these errors seem to appear in different booting situaitions because of different reasons and not specially after installation. It is often said, that a filesystem is corrupt. However, pressing Ctrl+C mostly doesn't help.

What further irritates me, is that in /var/log/syslog it says:
"Oct 5 17:35:19 pirol systemd[1]: systemd-fsckd.service: Succeeded."
, which is a record from the time, where the problem was already there..

Now, is this the right information to give to people helping me?
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Re: after installation:"fsckd-cancel-msg" and no further

Postby p.H » 2020-10-09 17:26

Graphic driver or firmware issue when starting GDM. This has nothing to do with fsck.
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Re: after installation:"fsckd-cancel-msg" and no further

Postby sunrat » 2020-10-09 21:06

Agree with p.H. Post details of your graphics hardware if you need further help.
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