Debian Buster Budgie install no desktop config. (Bug?)

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Debian Buster Budgie install no desktop config. (Bug?)

Postby globetrotterdk » 2021-01-09 10:33

I have installed Debian Buster, with only the Budgie desktop on a laptop, by installing the base system from netinstall, with no WM / DE. On reboot, I installed what I believed necessary for my system. Unfortunately, I missed something, but don't know what. I am not able to set a background image on the Budgie desktop, nor am I able to view icons of files that I have placed in the "desktop" folder. on the desktop. I am however, able to set a background color. What am I missing? Here is my basic install on reboot:
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$ sudo apt -y install xorg x11-xserver-utils budgie-core budgie-desktop network-manager-gnome gnome-control-center gnome-screensaver gnome-terminal nautilus dconf-editor pavucontrol

There were a lot of dependencies that were pulled in, but clearly something needs to be installed.


This may or may not be related, but I have tried to use dconf editor and go into /org/gnome/desktop/background/ and activate "show-desktop-icons" both without and with gnome-flashback installed, but I never get any desktop icons either.

I also tried the following suggested in this thread, but it didn't help either:

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$ sudo apt install nemo
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false
xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search

I also created ~/.config/autostart/nemo-desktop.desktop with the following content:

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[Desktop Entry]
Name=Nemo Desktop

It seems to me, after having tried all of these different things, that there is something broken in the Budgie Desktop. Whether this is a bug or some content not included, and whether this is only related to the Budgie Desktop shipped by Debian, someone with more insight than I will need to determine.


I just messaged with one of the Solus Budgie developers. He wrote that they have a package called gnome-desktop that is responsible for setting the desktop. It isn’t to be found in the Debian Buster version.

The actual reply is:

The background is just set using gnome-desktop which provides the Gnome.BG interface, as well as Meta.BackgroundContent from Mutter, and we use the standard org.gnome.desktop.background schema.

You probably need whatever their equivalent package name is.
Thanks again JoshStrobl.

I next tried installing gnome-core, which added the desktop background switching, but also added too much of the Gnome desktop, as Budgie was no longer to be found as a separate entity, with separate behavior. Looks like someone didn’t package all of the necessary bits for the Budgie Desktop.
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