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Postby geoffkaniuk » 2021-01-22 13:47

I am trying to use Log File Viewer in Buster with Mate 1.20.4. I would like to see possible PHP errors, which are usually shown in the apache2 logs. But Log File Viewer will not show those, giving the message:
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Error opening directory 'var/log/apache2': Permission denied

If I launch the viewer from the command line via sudo, then I can view the files. I have also attempted to examine /var/log using:
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~$ cd /var/log
/var/log$ ls -lF apache2 
   ls: cannot open directory 'apache2': Permission denied
/var/log$ sudo ls -lF apache2
/var/log$ cd apache2
   bash: cd: apache2: Permission denied
/var/log$ sudo cd apache2
   sudo: cd: command not found     

Having to launch the viewer from the command line is inconvenient as you don't always know ahead of time which logs are going to be blocked.

I was unable to find any documentation on this - the manual is silent on configuration. It mentions /etc/syslog.conf but I have no such file.

Is my Log File Viewer correctly installed?
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