duplicating a system & dpkg error [SOLVED]

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Re: duplicating a system & dpkg error

Postby ramack » 2012-05-06 02:01

I was not able to sucessfully duplicate my system in downgrading by installing a fresh Testing and copying my /home/user. Some conflicts and differences between something that I didn't really ever nail down, but what I ended up doing was changing /etc/apt/sources.list and pinning to Testing. I had a really hard time with cups and my HP printer, but after installing hplip and configuring via hp-setup, the printer worked as expected.

Althought the dpkg error was not solved, I'm marking this thread as solved since my goal was to downgrade from Sid to Testing.

Thanks for all your inputs.

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Re: duplicating a system & dpkg error [SOLVED]

Postby rjmx » 2012-06-27 19:14

Try this:

# Idea cribbed from http://www.debianadmin.com/clone-your-u ... ation.html
# On old box:
# Get a list of installed packages
dpkg --get-selections | sed -e '/\s\+install$/!d' -e 's/\s\+.*//' > selections

# Copy file to new box, then
# Use aptitude to install them
cat selections | xargs aptitude install
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Re: duplicating a system & dpkg error [SOLVED]

Postby noahy » 2012-10-26 21:33

According to the dpkg man page:

You might transfer this file to another computer, and install it there with:
dpkg --clear-selections
dpkg --set-selections <myselections

When running these two commands together, it works. Then dselect, install
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Re: duplicating a system & dpkg error [SOLVED]

Postby zumbi » 2014-09-16 20:22

One needs to sync available packages, from dctrl-tools package run

Reference: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2012/03/msg00555.html
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