Status on the Stretch release

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Status on the Stretch release

Postby None1975 » 2017-04-15 13:23

Hi. This is a brief status. First off, a list of items with progress:
* Secure boot support: We got a signature from Microsoft on our shim bootloader.
* OpenSSL transition: Done.
* MySQL -> MariaDB transition: Done.
* gcc-5 removal: Done.
* RC bugs (key packages): We went from 150 to 40 RC bugs (since 2017-02-04).
* The stretch-backports suite now exists.
* DSA have successfully upgraded several servers including one buildd for all architectures except for arm{el,hf}.
* We are almost done with the "Before the freeze" part of the release checklist (just missing some buildds being upgraded to stretch).

Then we got some items that are WIP or where we are stalled:
* DSA have upgraded a arm{el,hf} buildd to stretch, but it fails to boot. At the current time, the cause is not known.
* Secure boot: We are still waiting for the FTP-masters to add signing support in DAK (#821051).
* We still got 40 RC bugs in key packages and we are getting further and further between fixes.
* We got some pending reviews of the release-notes from the kernel team and d-i.
* We have done some of the binNMUs for updating "Built-Using" headers,
but we are not done with all of them yet.
* We still have some pending bugs about issues for upgrades from jessie to stretch.
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