License information of a .deb package

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License information of a .deb package

Postby stephane » 2013-06-28 09:32


I am creating a debian package using debuild, and I want to specify the license information.
So far, I have created the debian/copyright file following the directions at [1]. The file's content is pasted below:

Code: Select all

Files: *
Copyright: 2013, Firstame Lastname
License: XXX
 These are the licensing terms for XXX ...

XXX is the shortname of the license I want to use (that is, one that is not listed in the manual at [1]).

My problem is that when I import the created .deb package using the Ubuntu Software Center [2], I see
that the license is unknown, but not XXX.
Do you know how I can set it to XXX ? For example, in [3] you can see that the license is Open Source.


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