NEW RELEASES bnf2xml gdeptrace doil headsort realpaths

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NEW RELEASES bnf2xml gdeptrace doil headsort realpaths

Postby slackguy » 2014-12-25 23:05

(excuse emoi for lack of an announce forum)

NEW RELEASES as ./configure (not .deb yet). these are all newly converted to automake.

bnf2xml-7.0.1 gdeptrace-0.5.6 headsort-4.1.1 realpaths-1.0.1 doil-10.1

gdeptrace has and libdeps (like LDD but very differnt and longer output) depsort (easy wrapper for depends sorting about anything)

doil is an experimental dpkg+apt-get which has it's own mini_dselect and optional mini_dpkg (doilW)

* they include "autoproj" which helps fill templates to make old plain .c/.sh projects into automake ones indepotently + has a mini manpage from template maker if you have no proj.1 yet

they are on sourceforge and merry Christmas to you all: ... 0.1.tar.gz ... 5.6.tar.gz ... 0.1.tar.gz ... 1.1.tar.gz ... 0.1.tar.gz
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