GNU/Linux "build World", stupid question? or yes and no?

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GNU/Linux "build World", stupid question? or yes and no?

Postby slackguy » 2016-04-05 02:48

the long anticipated release***

Builds GNU/Linux from termcap and gcc up to X11 Firefox-20.0 lite. It is %100 GNU/Linux from source compiled on your box (and ready to change) "without any known build fails". It's not a fork of any distro.

It's just a 1.5 Mega Byte download!

%100 built on your box overnight.

You are distro admin!

runs Mathematica 4.0 +, debian bins too



How rare is a "make World" for Linux boxes?

* we all know freeBSD has "make World", no linux distro i know of has same. but bsd has build FAILS a plenty if i read bsdforums right. world is small base and PORTS can fail frequently and harshly if i see their error reports right.

* we all know Debian has a build system, but that (in past versions) building all of base is not supported UNLESS running a debian mirror AND debain build server (which is not a typical build, base is not done that way, i hear?) **

* i personally do not know if ubutu fedora gentoo or who, has a "make World for linux" - but i looked i could not find anything before i just "went and did it", in 400k sh script.

QUESTION: if you reader know of "make World" for linux in some distro, OR know how to build debain from scratch (or a URL to a doc exactly describing doing so), i'd really like to hear about it

thank you


** i do think (ie doil-10.1) could _try_ to do "make World" by using src pkg Depends: and (lets say apt-get --source) to build - but i doubt it would go off without a hitch, and have seen no indication "build server" does so either - heard build server actaully compiles things many times sometimes to "get things right". but with ubuntu getting back door financial support, others getting 501c not me. ? why go that direction :)

*** background: i built the above to keep Mathematica for Linux running like a top on my own systems, because "feature hacks to X keep damaging it", and now i have %100 symbol to symbol control over it "anytime". i got tired of fixing tangles font issues lib issues and did the above: a stable appliance for a single need. for example: new fvwm2 causes glitches in mm it has bugs damn. Xorg causes glitches do to hacker putting XCB in Xtrans instead of making it optional - hacked it into everything - and it's well known to kill authentic unix X11 apps). x-lfs fills a need for me.
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Re: GNU/Linux "build World", stupid question? or yes and no?

Postby edbarx » 2016-07-21 07:24

slackguy wrote:It's just a 1.5 Mega Byte download!

One cannot have an entire Linux operating system in 1.5 Mega Bytes of source. Your download must be far bigger than that to require an entire night to compile.
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Re: GNU/Linux "build World", stupid question? or yes and no?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2016-07-21 08:09

@OP: Have you tried:
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# apt-build world

See apt-build(1)

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