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hd_media initrds

PostPosted: 2016-06-09 20:14
by J V
I've been looking to create an hd_media initrd for a debian derivative that doesn't have one. What exactly is in an hd_media initrd that's different from the normal one, and what would be the easiest way to make one?

Re: hd_media initrds

PostPosted: 2016-06-10 02:05
by GarryRicketson
How to make hd_media initrd for debian

A lot of results, I can not decide which ones are going to be easiest for you.
This is where I would start:
Chapter 4. Building installer images

What exactly is in an hd_media initrd that's different from the normal one ?

From: The Kernel Newbie Corner: "initrd" and "initramfs"--What's Up With That?

Where did that initrd file come from?
Typically, when you install a new kernel, you'll get a matching initrd file automatically, but you can always build one manually using the mkinitrd command. I'm not going to get into horrendous detail with this command. If you truly want to play with it, feel free. Create a new initrd file or two, then pull it apart to see what's inside.
But here's where things get just a bit more interesting.
OK, So What's the "initramfs" Thingy?
And here's where we might part ways regarding terminology. I will always refer to the above file as the "initrd" file since, in my opinion, the "initramfs" early root file system is something quite different.------snip
, OP needs to read the material available.... I can not think of a easier way to answer this, and explain it all.
Maybe some body else can.