How to install u/deb into custom installer initramfs?

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How to install u/deb into custom installer initramfs?

Postby Hypex » 2017-07-27 16:29

Hi guys.

I have a custom initramfs I'm working on for a Debian installer.

At times I need to install some packages to it. For example I needed the blkid command so downloaded and extracted the needed files from a util-linux deb. But I was doing this by hand and had to manually put in dependencies once I found what else it needed.

I like to know if there is some tool that is designed to install commands or packages for use in the installer? That only extracts the minimum required for that package and leaves out the "naughty" stuff. As well as installing depends.

For both cases of a standard deb as well as a udeb. Using apt-get would be useful but all I read about it says you can't specify an alternate root. But with dpkg you can.

However, I'm thinking of using apt-get to download packages. Then use dpkg and specify my initramfs as root. This may work but I haven't tested. And AFAIK dpkg can't be told to install mimimum. And what's more how would it know what depends are already installed in the installer?

I looked on the net and read tutorials about customising the installer. But nothing about exactly what I need. Or about a tool that can install packages and depends into an installer initramfs.

I do realise the installer sets itself up at run time by installing udebs. And it would be useful to create udebs and add them in. But I'd like the files I need to be present so they just work and with minimal fuss. :-)
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