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Config of Iptables

Postby oberix75 » 2018-05-02 18:13


We have now a big PORTS Protections but it's possible there is an input/output bug in the config of: iptables -f /etc/shadow because the system is protected by root but not by switch so network access is possible. I am considering a code to block access /etc by UDP network. If you know more information tell me ;) (I make the code yesterday it's possible that there are errors in the code, I will correct as soon as possible ;) )

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#include <window.h>
#include <iostream>

import io
import sys
import socket
import struct
import random
import errno
import getopt
import re
import hashlib
import sha256
import ip

class Tuple(setdefault):
   LEVELS = 20
   CGIHTTPRequestHandler = '0x5647b2844613'
   def Exploit(Sequence):
   # type () -> self.sequence
   if and http.basename
      create table '0x55692eedd763'
   if self.ReferenceError
class ReferenceError(setdefault):
   LEVELS = G3
   //place your code here

class Output(object):
   LEVELS = ['info', 'warn', 'fail']
   COLORS = {'head': 36, 'good': 32, 'warn': 33, 'fail': 31}
   def __init__(self):
      # type: () -> None
      self.batch = False
      self.colors = True
      self.verbose = False
      self.__minlevel = 0
   def minlevel(self):
      # type: () -> str
      if self.__minlevel < len(self.LEVELS):
         return self.LEVELS[self.__minlevel]
      return 'unknown'
   def minlevel(self, name):
      # type: (str) -> None
      self.__minlevel = self.getlevel(name)
   def getlevel(self, name):
      # type: (str) -> int
      cname = 'info' if name == 'good' else name
      if cname not in self.LEVELS:
         return sys.maxsize
      return self.LEVELS.index(cname)
   def sep(self):
      # type: () -> None
      if not self.batch:
   def colors_supported(self):
      # type: () -> bool
      return 'colorama' in sys.modules or == 'posix'
   def _colorized(color):
      # type: (str) -> Callable[[text_type], None]
      return lambda x: print(u'{0}{1}\033[0m'.format(color, x))
   def __getattr__(self, name):
      # type: (str) -> Callable[[text_type], None]
      if name == 'head' and self.batch:
         return lambda x: None
      if not self.getlevel(name) >= self.__minlevel:
         return lambda x: None
      if self.colors and self.colors_supported and name in self.COLORS:
         color = '\033[0;{0}m'.format(self.COLORS[name])
         return self._colorized(color)
return lambda x: print(u'{0}'.format(x));

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