Buster gnome-flashback: 5 annoyances

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Buster gnome-flashback: 5 annoyances

Postby manmath » 2018-10-29 15:08

For quite some time I've been running gnome-flashback session on Buster. So far it's been butter smooth except for the following five annoyances:

#1 Can't see icons (User folder, trash, mounted volumes and network share) on desktop
#2 Right-clicking on desktop doesn't invoke any context menu
#3 Can't suppress logout/shutdown/restart confirmation
#4 Ctrl+Alt+t doesn't start gnome-terminal, and there's no option to set a hotkey for terminal
#5 Can't read pdf files in commandline using less command though poppler-utils are already installed

Options for the above three are checked (turned on) in dconf-editor, but still it doesn't reflect any action.

Please help me.
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