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Re: reduce steps in debian install

Postby llivv » 2018-11-08 13:44

dilberts_left_nut wrote:That's all been done already - it's called ubuntu ;)
MagicPoulp wrote:I don't understand why 2 guys recommend Ubuntu. It is unstable (swap crash and other). It does not have open content (built patches). It had a scandal of advertizing spyware. It has a slow UI by default (Unity). it has old packages.

perhaps a magic SysRq button on the keyboard calling an install image stored in/on a hidden partition
would solve both the broken apt reset issue and the easy enough installation?
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Re: reduce steps in debian install

Postby Starborn » 2018-11-17 10:43

This is probably "obsolete" by now, but I would like to say this anyway. As someone who has installed different Linux distros on several computers for several times, I found the Debian 7 installer (which I installed back end of 2015) the most, well, "complicated".

Particularly the partitioning should be (have been) much more simpler. I installed Debian twice (since 2015), and on both occasions the way that the installer lets you partition the HD confused me. I never have had that in Ubuntu or in Linux Mint.

I often read that Debian is "difficult" (more than, say, Ubuntu or, say, Linux Mint), but that is not really true... (unless they mean that problems in Debian are harde to solve, like my current Debian boot-problem?). Except for the installer, maybe.

If, if the Debian 9 installer still resembles and works like the Debian 7 installer (repeat: back end of 2015), then perhaps making the installer easier would make more people try out (and keep) Debian, and I imagine the Debian developers would like that?
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