DEB package development - a practical tip

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DEB package development - a practical tip

Postby graemev2 » 2020-02-06 15:26

Just looked at:

DEB package development - few questions from newbie

I'm working my way through: ... ex.en.html

I've made the "hello world" into a package and played around with the various patching techniques. I then switched to the "real project" to package and I was struck by a practical issue.

I get hold of foolib-1.0.tar.gz , I untar it and get foolib-1.0/...
I do lots of work in there and build a suitable package.

Then along comes foolib-1.1.tar.gz , I untar it and get foolib-1.1/...

Now lots of the work I did in 1.0 is applicable to 1.1, do I really create a whole new tree and start again?
Similarly, if I save all my "work" in git , then it's for the 1.0 tree and I start again with 1.1 .

Feels like an RTFM, did I miss a bit somewhere ?
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Re: DEB package development - a practical tip

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-02-06 15:31

I just copy the debian directory over to the new version's tree then modify it as required and use the dch command to update the changelog (helps if you have $DEBFULLNAME & $DEBEMAIL exported from ~/.profile or ~/.xsessionrc).
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