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Re: How to Port Debian to a new architecture?

PostPosted: 2020-05-18 17:31
by cuckooflew
I also suggest that you don't derail your own topic with this kind of nonsense:
by Michele13 »
I sincerely don't like your attitude, this is not the kind of behavior that you should have with someone who just approached to the forum. In such a manner you can drive users away from here and they could have a bad impression of the whole community.

First , nobody cares if you like our/their attitude or not, Second, someone so narrow minded ,as to judge the entire community based on the manner of 2 or 3 persons that they are "driven away", when in fact they just go away on their own,... well it is best when they just go away.
Did you read this: Please Read.. What we expect you have already Done., when you first joined the forum ? If you have not read it, you really should.
1) We expect that you have used Google or another search engine to find your answer.

In away this first line is humorous, Obviously if the person used a search engine to find their answer, they would not need to ask here, or anywhere else,... so go figure... But read the rest, if you want to undersand a little about our "philosophy" ,... :mrgreen:
And remember, I showed you a command, that you would have used , if you had read the manual,..remember ?
Michele13 »I think that Dpkg has a list of supported architettures, what should I do to add mine?
Key words " I think",... If you had read the manual, you would have said "I know",.... the other part :
what should I do to add mine?

Was answered when I did a search, keywords "How to add a new architecture to dpkg ? "
The first hit:
and the index showed,
So, don't derail your own topic, calling people rude, and trying to BS us, claiming you tried to find information doing searches,... We know the information will come up if we do some good search foo, that is how we find the information we need to solve our problems and in many cases the problems others have as well. Learning how to search data bases, is probably the first thing you need to learn, ....heck , even on my PC, I have so much info and documentation, I can not possibly remember it all, and it goes back as far as mid 19080's, so we need to learn not just to use google, but also search the data bases on our systems, they are filled with info, EG : the manual, and a command:
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$ dpkg-architecture -L
, so I know, dpkg has a list, and it is a very BIG list,.....

Re: How to Port Debian to a new architecture?

PostPosted: 2020-05-18 18:08
by cuckooflew
Michele13 » Certain peolple might need a hand to learn how to do something.

Oh, and another thing..Actually not just "certain people", most , probably everyone needs a hand, that is why we have schools and teachers, that is why we put our documentation on a webserver, (online), but saddly so many clueless teachers and clueless students , remain clueless , because they never learn or teach , "How to use a search engine" nor "how to search a data base".
It is also why has a mentor program, where those trying to learn these things can ask for a mentor, and start working with the mentor and other developers, packagers, etc. I am NOT going to give you any more hand holding and hand outs, if you are serious, I still have my doubts, but for someone else that is really serious, go practice your search foo, the words Debian and mentors is all you need to find out more, if you really try.