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Removal of rename.ul from util-linux package

PostPosted: 2021-02-19 23:37
by lucas+-

I asked this over at Launchpad Answers, but was directed here because it was an upstream change.

The removal's commit message cites it as solving a bug, but the bug has little to do with that program's presence in Debian: util-linux: rename.ul is not installed as a possible alternative for the "rename" command. I understand why rename.ul was made unavailable in update-alternatives, and I agree, it's not a compatible interface, but I don't see how the logical conclusion of that is to simply drop it. Couldn't the bug have been closed as a wontfix without the commit? The suffix already differentiates it from the standard rename so it does not create a conflict. Its man page explains its usage, which is clearly different from Perl's rename. The old version has been around for a long time; I don't see what benefits this BC-breaking change confers. Tab-completing "rena" in a shell now provides nothing at all.

Maybe there was more discussion on this and I just couldn't find it.


Re: Removal of rename.ul from util-linux package

PostPosted: 2021-02-20 02:45
by sunrat
Maybe on a developer mailing list somewhere. This is a mere user forum, precious few devs here.