Current Debian Sparc32 Release locks on loading module 'esp'

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Current Debian Sparc32 Release locks on loading module 'esp'

Postby JSnow » 2007-09-08 16:36

After going around and around with the current debian sparc release (Debian4.0r1) and the installer freezing on me when loading module 'esp' I finally figured out the problem..

It turns out the sparc compiled 'esp' module does not have support for disks larger than 8gb. While the SUN4M systems have support for any size SCSI disks the esp module will consistantly freeze if you have any disk installed in the system with a size greater than 8gb.

At this point since there seems to be little to no support or interest in maintaining the sparc32 trees for Debian I do not know that anyone will resolve this issue. I am simply posting this so that anyone else out there attempts to load this release doesn't waste time on this issue.

- Jon Snow
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Postby drl » 2007-09-08 20:08

Hi, JSnow.

Thanks for posting this. My Ultra-2 ran well under etch with two 4-GB SCSI disks, but I could not get anywhere with an 18 GB SCSI disk. The OpenBoot recognized the 18 GB SCSI disk. The Ultra-2 is a sun4u architecture, but perhaps that doesn't make any difference. I think an colleague of mine uses disks larger than 8 GB in his Ultra-2, and uses Solaris 8 (I think).

I may try Solaris to see if it has this problem. The Ultra-2 is on the shelf for a few weeks until I get a few other things done ... cheers, drl
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Postby JSnow » 2007-09-08 21:38

I am currently compiling a clean openBSD system on my SparcStation 20 with a 32gb disk and it works like a champ. If I get the itch I might go back and look at what was done to the 'esp' module to cause the limit.
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