pre-depend - making sure an app is pre-installed ?

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pre-depend - making sure an app is pre-installed ?

Postby saehk » 2007-09-21 20:00

I am trying to build a package for an application for work purposes. During the install of this package, there are a few database queries which rely on psql. All that works great.. if postgres is installed.

The problem I am having is that although I am pre-depending on postgresql-client-common and postgresql-client-8.1, my package still tries to go ahead and install itself before postgres even configures, causing a dpkg error which makes apt-get fail.

In other words, how does one get a pre-depend to install before the configure stage of a package?

The debian policy manual says:
When a package declaring a pre-dependency is about to be unpacked the pre-dependency can be satisfied if the depended-on package is either fully configured, or even if the depended-on package(s) are only unpacked or half-configured, provided that they have been configured correctly at some point in the past (and not removed or partially removed since). In this case, both the previously-configured and currently unpacked or half-configured versions must satisfy any version clause in the Pre-Depends field.

But I get errors before postgres unpacks (errors related to psql not found), and it is a fresh new install of debian, postgres had never been installed (so the second case wouldn't happen.. i.e it should be being forced in according to how i read that doc?)

Any ideas/solutions to getting that working?
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